The largest producer of webbing on a national and international

In the half of the twentieth century to get round with different problems to the products then in existence, a product came on the market and started to spread in the most sofa and armchairs factories as a new mean for springing: THE ELASTIC RIBBONS.

A way to a better use to other products is the main features that have permitted to this belt to be spread worldwide. The main facility and rapidity of the frame application to sofa and armchairs, always permits to the world designers to project new shapes and types, also and not less to obtain the most comfortable and best sitting possible. TEXWEB, STRONG, NEG and EXTRA-LARGE, are the marks registered and deposited at the National and International Register Offices, with whom is spread all over the world our elastic belt.

A symbol, which differs our product in all Nations and gives the warranty of best quality of the belt that is made of the best material.

Different types of elastic belt exist with different percentages to satisfy the needs of any application and comfort.



TEXWEB - Elastic stretch 0% - 90%

STRONG - Elastic stretch 20%

NEG - Elastic stretch 14%


EXTRA-LARGE - Elastic stretch 50%